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Since 1886 and for five generations, the Locher family have been brewing Appenzeller Bier. Our award-winning beers now include 40 different varieties. Fresh spring water, malted barley, hops and yeast are the foundation of what we create. Since 1999, the Säntis Malt Distillery has been producing fine single malt whiskies that have won several international awards. In the spirit of the traditional circular economy, we’ve added other delicious specialties based on by-products over the past three decades. Vinegar factory CréaCeto is creating exquisite beer balsamic vinegars. Thanks to our brewbee specialties, spent grain and other by-products from the brewing process get a second life as delicious and sustainable food products.


Quöllfrisch Non-alcoholic

With Quöllfrisch non-alcoholic, we present the latest addition to our popular Quöllfrisch family. Enjoy the carefree, refreshing flavour of Quöllfrisch without having to give up an active lifestyle. Sure, who wouldn't want that? It's more than just a non-alcoholic beer; it's a piece of the Appenzell way of life. It represents a conscious choice for connoisseurs who want to avoid alcohol without compromising on flavour. This beer is the perfect choice for anyone who values quality, naturalness and pure enjoyment. It invites you to consciously savour life's moments while experiencing a piece of Appenzellerland culture and tradition.


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Discover the unique beer specialties from Locher Brewery, distinguished by their traditional craftsmanship, deeply rooted brewing traditions, high quality standards, and special care for each product. Let yourself be enthralled and surprised by the variety of Appenzeller beers. Whether it's the famous Quöllfrisch or the more unusual and unique varieties such as the organic Vollmond Bier, the Holzfassbier, schwarzer Kristall, as well as various beer mixes or the gluten-free Birra da Ris – enjoy the diversity. The new alcohol-free leader is Quöllfrisch Alkoholfrei, which expands our range that now includes seven alcohol-free beer options. Enjoy the variety of Appenzeller beer and find your favorite!

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Visit the Brauquöll Visitor Centre in Appenzell town centre and immerse yourself in the world of the art of brewing. Let yourself be carried away by the fascination of traditional brewing! Discover how Appenzeller Bier and Säntis Malt Whisky are made from natural spring water. The Brauquöll Visitor Centre also offers various beer and whisky tastings.

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Read the Quöllfrisch Blog for even more stories about Appenzeller Bier. Quöllfrisch-Blog - the blog with portraits and stories of the people who provide the ingredients for the fine Appenzeller beers of Brauerei Locher AG, or who are otherwise part of the Quöllfrisch family. Garnished and served with adventurous travel reports and all sorts of interesting facts, cool tall tales and anecdotes, creepy legends, witty interviews, useful tips, wonderful recipes, and lively pictures with their own legends.

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The Appenzeller Bier Fan Club was founded in 2020. Its members get exclusive access behind the scenes of the brewery and enjoy a number of benefits. Why don’t you become a member and join us at our exclusive fan club events?

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