Hanfblüte Hell

Flavoured with premium, aromatic hemp leaves and flowers from Switzerland, brewed with Vienna malt and Stammheim hops, this beer has an intensive hemp aroma – without THC, of course.

Special beer



5.20% alc/vol

11 Ibu

mild hop bitterness


Spring water, organic BARLEY MALT, organic hops, yeast

Overall impression:

fresh hemp aroma, slightly sweet, tangy

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Available in:

33cl Einweg Flasche
50cl Bügelflasche

Container - Drum:

Nutritional values (per 100 ml)

Energy 180|43
Total fat: 0.5 | Saturated fat: 0.1
Monounsaturated fat: 0 | Saturated fat: 0
Total carbohydrates: 4 Includes sugar: 0.5
Protein: 0.5 | Salt: 0.01
Carbonated: 5


contains gluten


Back in the 1990s, Karl Locher, owner of Brauerei Locher in Appenzell, wondered whether it would be possible to tap into the hidden aromas and beer extracts buried in his ancestors’ old beer kegs. In 1999 he started producing Appenzeller Säntis Malt, which made him one of the first whisky distillers in Switzerland. Locher’s idea to make use of his innovative brewmaster’s competence for the production of special wort as a basis for this whisky and to use the family-owned distillery eventually led to an exceptional new product, which has been continuously refined over the years.

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