Tradition and innovation come together to create the cycle that gets the people of Appenzell excited. We love and care for our home region, its nature and its people, and the taste and quality of our food and our Appenzeller Bier reflects this care.

Today, Locher products are available across Switzerland and in many other countries, including the USA and some Asian countries. At the beginning of the 1990s, the brewery only had a staff of 16, six of them members of the Locher family. Today, at the main location in the heart of Appenzell, around 200 employees work for the good of the region and its traditions every day.


In addition to Quöllfrisch, the best known of the Appenzeller Bier specialties, our product range consists of around 45 different beers and beer mixers. From classic lagers to unusual sour beers and a great selection of alcohol-free beers, we have something for everyone. The corporate culture promotes flexibility, enabling the creation of new and innovative products time and time again. The organic Vollmond beer, brewed only on full moon nights, the Appenzeller Naturperle, the first Swiss beer to be awarded the Bio Suisse quality label, and Brandlöscher have all become cult beverages. The Brandlöscher beer was brewed in 2010 to commemorate the village fire of Appenzell back in 1560. However, the beer became so popular that it is still being brewed to this day.

It was followed by many more products that not only taste great but are also good for the country and its people, such as the Gran Alpin Bio beers, which have contributed to bringing back the cultivation of malting barley to Switzerland. Other examples include Bschorle, which promotes the cultivation of high-stem fruit trees, or the gluten-free rice beer Birra da Ris, with rice from Ticino.


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The Säntis Malt distillery has been producing fine and award-winning single malt whiskies since 1999. Being left to mature in historic wooden beer casks, some of which are up to 130 years old, makes Säntis Malt Whisky unique. Countless finishes and various liqueurs have become very popular.

We have just one man to thank for the idea to breathe new life into the old beer kegs that had been so painstakingly made and preserved by his ancestors. The whisky that is produced using these kegs has won many awards and is unique in the world.

In 2022, the distillery presents a first in Switzerland: The first Swiss whisky with an NFC tag, a new technical option for virtually securing high-quality products.

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Locher is the only brewery in Switzerland to employ ten people who are dedicated to the development, production and distribution of high-quality food products made from by-products. It all started with beer vinegar, which today is a real treat when refined with passion fruit, mango, smoked malt or apple/pear at the CréaCeto vinegar factory.

Many years of development and research followed, which culminated in the launch of the food upcycling brand brewbee in 2021. brewbee is committed to reusing by-products from the brewing process. And with brewbee, we have done just that: The in-house production facility now produces Tschipps, pizzas and plant-based products, which have been available from Coop stores since 2022.

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Beers from Appenzell are made from natural products. Brauerei Locher’s top priority is the preservation and protection of nature and an intact environment for everyone. This is why we are committed to ensuring that our production process meets climate and environmental protection requirements while supporting our local economy. Though Brauerei Locher cannot avoid CO2 emissions, we actively take responsibility for protecting the environment and the climate.

A biogas plant, photovoltaics, new, efficient production facilities and by-product upcycling: We want to become the most sustainable brewery there is and recycle all by-products from the brewing process by 2025.



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